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Bryant McGill

Agency: McGill International / LiteraryAgency.us

Beverly Hills, California, United States  

Home page: http://LiteraryAgency.us

LiteraryAgency.us / GoMcGill.com


In 1999 I inherited the US Literary Agency, and while I no longer work directly in that business, I do still refer the occasional book to some of my friends at major publishing houses. I have helped secure a few major book deals over the years through my referrals, so it can't hurt to get your book information to me. I do not charge any fees unless I am able to sell your book.

As you may imagine, I am overrun with a torrent of emails. All professional requests and submissions need to come through Linkedin.com. (www.linkedin.com/in/bryantmcgill/) You can add me as a client at McGill International. If Linkedin asks you for an email address when adding me, use linkedin@bryantmcgill.com. Once we are connected on Linkedin, submit your book summary and information to me in a message through Linkedin only. This helps me keep track of names and faces. I promise I will read every submission, but I cannot reply to every message. If I like what I see, I will let you know if I forward it on to my contacts.

Thank you,

Bryant McGill

Listed in Jeff Herman's directory of agents: No

Reading fee: No