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Erin Reel

Agency: The Erin Reel Literary Agency
Beverly Hills, California, United States

The Erin Reel Literary Agency focuses on a limited number of exceptional writers whose primary interests are creating saleable fiction and non-fiction titles for the 18-35 market, though not exclusively. ERLA clients will be known for their stylish and edgy voices from the literary novel to the pop culture non-fiction project.

Please send all submission queries via email to Erin Reel at erlaquery@sbcglobal.net. Please note: Web hosting providers have been changed. Any queries sent to jk@erinreel.com or er@erinreel.com have been lost in the shuffle. Please query again with the new email address noted above. Those with attachments will not be opened.

By mail, please send queries to:

The Erin Reel Literary Agency
9006 Wilshire Boulevard, Box One
Beverly Hills, CA 90211

Please keep your queries brief and always include a one to two page synopsis along with a self addressed stamped envelope if you'd like to hear back. Please do not send any unrequested material. All items received unrequested will either be tossed or sent back to sender unopened. Thanks in advance for your consideration. Please note, since the ERLA client list is full, the length of time for query answering and submission feeback is lengthy. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Please visit ERLA at the newly constructed www.erinreel.com as well as searching for The Erin Reel Literary Agency on www.publishersmarketplace.com.

Erin's essay, "Booking it in LA" is included in MAKING TE PERFECT PITCH edited and written by Katharine Sands, published by The Writer Books, Spring 2004. Erin was also chosen to write an essay for MAKING THE PERFECT PLATFORM, again edited by Katharine Sands (yet to be released). Check out webdelsol's featured agent interview series at www.webdelsol.com for Erin's profile along with some other well respected agents in the industry.

ERLA represents:
Suzi Parker (Sex in the South; www.suziparker.com)
Elizabeth Topp and Dr. Carol Livoti (Vaginas: An Owner's Manual; www.vaginas411.com)
Martin Schenk (A Small Dark Place)
Robert Klane (The Horse is Dead; Where's Poppa?; Firesale)
Lauren Brown (Lindsay Lohan Bio/US Weekly Entertainment Writer)
Bob Batchelor (The 1990s; www.bobbatchelor.com)
Terry Stanfill (The Blood Remembers)
Seth Familian (www.sethontheroad.com)
Cheryl Lage (www.twinsights.com)
Karen Schaffer (Job of Your Life)
Jay Schiffman
Rebecca Spitzmiller
Michael and Brian Conlin
Zach Wiser
Adrianne Bottrell
Patrick Nelson
Rev. Jon Ford
Josh Stevens
Brian and Michael Conlin (Cadenza Creative)
Kelisha Osborne (www.kelishaosborne.com)
Quinn Doan

Memberships: ERLA will be featured in the 2006 edition of the Literary Market Place (LMP).

Listed in Jeff Herman's directory of agents: No

Reading fee: No